Societal and environmental responsibility

Like all the companies of the Lucchini RS Group, LBX respects the environment and constantly tries to improve its own insertion in the local society.

  • LBX is located in the city of Seraing, close to Liege, in a region undergoing a difficult reconversion process after the demise of steel and mining huge industrial sites. Since the acquisition by Lucchini RS Group in 2014, ambitious investments in machinery and infrastructure have reinforced the integration of the company in its local environment. 
  • Belgian operators are hired, trained and qualified according to the railway standards and norms.
  • LBX plans to obtain the ISO 14001:2015 qualification in 2017. However, already today, LBX, as a workshop machining and overhauling wheelsets and bogies, recycles most of its wastes: steel scraps are collected and recycled by specialised companies. Wooden wastes are recycled; oils and other grease residues flow in closed networks, without possible contamination of rainwater mains. Their treatment is entrusted to specialised companies. LBX doesn’t cause noise pollution and of course respects all applicable laws and regulations.